grand palladium kantenah resort & spa

Resort Information

The Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa is located in one of the most touristic areas in the Mexican Caribbean: the Mayan Riviera. Its paradisiacal setting is embraced by lush gardens with regional tropical vegetation along an 800m private beach of fine white sands bathed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spaoffers guests an ideal place to enjoy some well-deserved, relaxed vacations in the company of family, friends or as a couple. Take a nice stroll around the environmentally friendly green paths that have been carefully paved out and enjoy the impeccably kept gardens. At Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa you can relax in our modern and spacious rooms, pamper yourself at the state-of-the-art Resort Spa, practice snorkeling in our crystal-clear waters, share a delicious dinner or enjoy a new cocktail at any of our numerous bars located around the complex like the Hemingway that includes international “Premium” Beverages. At the Grand Palladium Resorts in the Mayan Riviera, the options for entertainment or relaxation are endless, no matter how old you are…



At the Palladium Hotels & Resorts, we believe in quality and variety. Thanks to our All-Inclusive Program, the Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort & Spa offers a large selection of exquisite cuisines as well as national and international premium drinks. Enjoy a relaxing day in our Spa & Wellness Center**, or have fun with any of our activities and shows. All-Inclusive, Palladium style!

Guest can use any of the facilities located in the four resorts of our complex, except those located at The Royal Suites Yucatán by Palladium.

** Access to the hydrotherapy areas (hot tubs, pool, sauna and steam baths) in our Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness centers will have a $10 fee per guest, per day for Grand Palladium´s guests.Our Royal Suites guests and Palladium Travel Club members have their entrance included in their stay. Also there will be offers and special attentions towards our guests. Also, guests who purchase any of our spa treatments at Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness will be given free access to our hydrotherapy areas that day.

  • Buffet breakfast and lunch
  • Buffet dinner or in one of the specialties restaurants, with a la carte service, previous and limited reservations. [In the specialties restaurants, dinners are limited to three dinners for one week stays and four dinners for two weeks stays]
  • Room Service from 11:00am - 23:00pm
  • Domestic and international drinks with or without alcohol, including at the Disco, wine of the house with lunch and dinner
  • Specialties restaurants with reservation
  • Cocktails and a selection of international drinks of “Superior” quality in the Desvan bar
  • 24-hour snack service
  • Free access to the gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam baths
  • Non motorized water sports and other different sport activities
  • Free Wi-Fi (Basic Service)
  • All gratuities included


Room catagories

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how to book

Some need to know's

Are you excited to join  Ken and Heather as they are about to get Married? I know all us at Buckeye Cruises LLC are!  

So what's next?

Your first step is to simply fill out the form below. Please fill out all sections of the form, for all guest that will be traveling no matter the age.  Once you have the form filled out we will contact you within 48 hours to go over all the information.  All rooms are booked on an individual basis. No rooms are held so it is first come first serve. We will give you a price quote for the day. What does that mean? That means that travel prices are like the stock market the go up and down like a roller coaster. So once you receive a price for the room and stay of your choice those prices are only good for that day and nothing is guaranteed  until a deposit is made on our trip. 

Booking with Buckeye Cruises LLC is a very easy and fun experience. Some things to think about while you are planning. 

Do you have a Passport? 

In order to fly in to a country it is required by law to have a Passport for every passenger flying. You CAN NOT use your birth certificate it must be a a Passport.  Passports can take up to 90 days to get back so if you are applying for a passport you will not want to wait till the last minute. Passports are about $110 each or $80 for children, but keep in mind they do last for 10 years for adults and 5 years for children. .

What room category would you like to stay in?  

We have 3 excellent room options to choose from  

The deluxe room ( this is the most budget friendly) , 

The junior suite ( a little step up with a great e view) 

Romance Villa ( love is in the air so celebrate with your loved one)

Next you will want to think of which airport you would like to fly out of. What time of day will best be to leave. 

How many day's will you be staying?  

The wedding date will be the 23rd of April at 2 pm . Most guest will arrive a day or 2 before the wedding date.  How long you wish to stay is totally up to you.  We suggest a minimum of 4 -7 nights to truly enjoy this beautiful resort. 

If you have any further question please just fill out form and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have once we contact you. 


Please fill out form for all guest planning to attend